EBLECTON Consulting Engineers Ltd. (“EBLECTON”) is a consulting firm with main activities in the field of structural and geotechnical design. The company carries the highest level accreditation (Degree “E”) in the structural design category which authorizes EBLECTON to undertake structural design projects of any budget (no upward limit).

EBLECTON offers integrated consulting engineering services - design, supervision, project management and technical assistance, preparation of tender documents, design checks and other independent-engineer services covering the fields of structural and geotechnical engineering of buildings (public and private), bridges of various types and construction methods, hydraulic structures, dams, marine structures, road and rail tunnels, underground structures, and industrial facilities.

Moreover, a key business aspect of the firm is its participation in research projects in the field of structural engineering for the development of new analysis tools, innovative construction techniques and new applications of high-tech materials in structural rehabilitation and protection.

EBLECTON has carried out a significant number of avant-garde design contracts and is specialized in the seismic assessment & retrofit of existing buildings, bridges, dams and other important and critical structures.

The firm’s headquarters are located in Patras, Greece, with a branch office in the city of Agrinio.

The company personnel consists of qualified experts of various engineering disciplines, most of which are holders of PhD and MSc degrees.

EBLECTON is registered with the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (HELLASCO), the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.


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