Dr. Vassilios G. Bardakis

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Dr Vassilios Bardakis, a registered Civil Engineer in Greece, is the Managing Director of “EBLECTON Consulting Engineers, Ltd.” Since the company’s founding in 2009, Dr. Bardakis has served as the Design Manager on numerous projects involving design, evaluation and retrofit issues, and including displacement-based design, retrofit of reinforced concrete, steel and masonry buildings, as well as tanks and bridges via nonlinear, static (pushover) and dynamic (time-history), analysis.

Dr Bardakis has also served as the Task leader on significant projects undertaken by large consortia with other consulting firms which include the evaluation and retrofit of prestressed concrete structures via nonlinear static (pushover) and dynamic (time-history) analysis.

Dr. Bardakis has also worked as a researcher (Univ. of Patras “University of Patras”, EU project LESSLOSS “Risk Mitigation for Earthquakes and Landslides”, NTUA “National Technical University of Athens”, GR project ASPROGE “Seismic Protection of Bridges”) and has participated in various committees (TCG “Technical Chamber of Greece”, EPPO “Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization”, ACEG “Association of Civil Engineers of Greece”). His experience includes detailed software development and extensive work on advanced seismic analysis with thousands of nonlinear time-history analyses of buildings and bridges.