EC8/part3 Analysis Example (GACE, TCG, EPPO)

Presentation from Seminars for the Design of Concrete buildings according to Eurocodes 2 & 8 which were coorganised by the Greek Association of Civil Engineers (GACE), the local departments of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) and the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (EPPO): in Patras (TCG of West Greece), in Larisa (TCG of Central and West Thessaly), in Agrinio (TCG of Aetolia-Acarnania ), in Tripolis (TCG of Peloponnese ),in Chalcis (TCG of Euboea), in Kos (TCG of Dodekanisos), in Leivadia (TCG of East Sterea)

Link: Ανάλυση Επεμβάσεων σύμφωνα με EK8.pdf