Retrofit of Patras ‘St. Andrew’ Hospital (Paphos)

Performance-based Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit: General Hospital of Patras “Agios Andreas”

(16th Greek Concrete Congress - Paphos 2009)

Vasilios Bardakis, Georgios Ferentinos, John Stathopoulos, Kostas Liontos


The central structure of the General Hospital of Patras "Agios Andreas", consists of six RC framed buildings. The 8-storey buildings were damaged during the earthquake recorded in the 8th of June 2008 and were evacuated for security reasons. For the evaluation and the retrofit - due to the high importance class of the structure - apart from the conventional methods of analysis, more advanced procedures were applied according to the Greek Code for Structural Interventions. Aiming at "Life Safety" Performance Level for the design earthquake of the Greek Seismic Code, conversions of frames/columns to shear-walls, FRP wrapping, steel plating and RC jacketing were designed. Special retrofitting issues were taken into account, such as staged construction of the shear walls and protection of the steel plates of the beam ends against compressive stress. The inelastic procedures led to the design solution, resulting though in the increase of the computational complexity.