Retrofit of Paradeisi Bridge (Mesologgi)


Construction of this road bridge at Paradeisi-Trikorfo of Aetolia-Acarnania regional unit of Greece began in the mid-90s and paused after the erection of the central piers.

Three spans with total length of 92.83m were designed with deck of in-cast concrete slab on precast prestressed concrete beams supported on elastomeric bearings (type ALGA ΝΒ4). The loads of the initial design (90s) were lighter from the above and led to the Evaluation and Seismic Retrofit of the bridge. The below retrofitting techniques were designed via optimization:

  • CFRP-wrapping
  • New reinforced concrete abutments on deep foundation (RC piles)

Aiming the normal knowledge level of the existing structural elements and the material properties (geometry, reinforcement and detailing, strength, etc.) the available information was supplemented by material tests and assessments.

Geotechnical Investigation & Design for the new abutments was also performed.